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Foster Daughter in Need of Intercession
posted by: Melody Clark on 2/4/2020

I am the foster parent of a precious 2 year old girl, who has been in my care for 1 1/2 years. Parental rights have been terminated, and it is my heart's desire to adopt this baby. Her biological mother is also a believer and wants the baby to remain in my home. Please pray fervently that God pour out His Holy Spirit and fight this court battle for us. We are asking for favor with the judge, CPS, and attorneys. Please also pray for financial provision for legal fees and an anointing over my attorney. There is definitely a spiritual tug-of-war taking place between dark and light. We need a miracle! Thanks and God bless!
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posted by: LAKEITHA Lee on 2/2/2020

Please pray that God bless me with this job Monday at the airbase and pray also gob bless my sister with a job as well
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prayer request for John to get Salvation,complete healing and to get a suitable permanent job
posted by: Mary on 1/31/2020

Please pray for John to get complete physical, mental, spiritual and emotional healing and to get filled with Holy Spirit, its fruits and gifts. Lord, please be with him, guide his ways, protect from sin, lust, sickness, and sin. Give him salvation, a suitable permanent job, God-fearing faithful friends and heal his inner wounds, hurt inside, negativity, violent nature, and conflicts, wounds, and problems in his relationship with parents, siblings and other family members. Please prepare a God-fearing faithful girl and family for him, let them get married in your time. Bless their next 7 generations to get salvation. Lord, send Your Holy Spirit on him always lead his life to protect him from every evil bindings and sin. Thanks
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posted by: Crystal Vines on 1/29/2020

Please pray I will find a job soon
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posted by: Phillip Bartley on 1/27/2020

A prayer to stop people pulling over people in unmarked police cruisers that is not cops and also following me prayers for protection for my daughter's Kelly and Kimberly my grandson's Cameron Dakota Dillinder Elijah Phillip's my wife Denise son-in-law Tim me Phillip Bartley my brother Vincent my family God bless you all and thank you so much for your prayers 🙏
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posted by: Amanda on 1/24/2020

It is my desire also God to open the right job opportunities for me and bless me with a job that will keep adding me enough finances with no sorrow. I trust in God for a well paying permanent job. Please continue to pray for me that God will provide a well paying permanent job to support my family. Also please pray for God to continuously and everlastingly bless my marriage.
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Health Problems
posted by: Leah B. on 1/17/2020

Please, God,make my cold and wicked sore throat go away very soon. Please make me stop getting sick and getting wicked sore throats all the time. Please put an end to my TMJ. I pray for drastically improved breathing. I pray for an excellent dental check-up. I pray that my new supplement program will yield excellent results. Amen.
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prayer request
posted by: li cross on 1/1/2020

Prayer request : please help me not to lost my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel.
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Prayer request
posted by: Samuel on 12/26/2019

Please pray for my wife and me. She was screaming at me 2 days ago because I washed a dish that she didn't want to be washed. So then I went to journal and she says go cry to your journal. Her temper tantrums are very stressful. Please pray for us.
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intercessory prayer requested
posted by: phyllis e b on 12/19/2019

Please keep Phyllis family(blue island, IL) in your prayers. Please Pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ, that the Lord blesses them with Housing that is affordable, Jobs that are secure and attainable, Health that is Excellent. Please Lord God build a fence of protection around this family. To God Be the Glory, Great is the Lord Our God. God is a Great God. Thank you Lord Jesus for answering prayers. Thank you Lord Jesus for the prayers of the Righteous. Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me bless his Holy name. Bless this Church my God according to your riches and Glory by Christ Jesus.
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