Return to first love

 posted by: David on 4/1/2024

Lord Jesus, by Your blood, utterly and completely consume us in Your jealous LOVE & COMPASSIONS. Set us as the seal upon Your heart. Set us as the seal upon Your Arm of Strength and Power O God. And let us tangibly feel Your burning love... Read More


 posted by: Rus on 1/9/2024

Need prayers - A powerful foreign cult has people I love trapped in it. This controlling cult is known for punishing & shaming people (without mercy) for breaking silly made-up rules and laws. They're all so indoctrinated that they... Read More

Hope for Others

 posted by: Mabo on 12/27/2023

Need sincere prayers for some people who have lost all hope and their will to live. Before it's too late, please pray the following for them... That they learn how to love and be loved. That they find peace and happiness. And especially,... Read More


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